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Synthetic mats

Practical dust control mats, attractive entrance mats or robust outdoor mats; The world of synthetic doormats is almost limitless in shape, design and color and offers a suitable product for every requirement. You are guaranteed to find the right floor accessory for your home. And if you can not find your desired item, you can benefit from our modern production facilities and have your own motif or your personal logo mat produced easily and directly, using our brilliant digital printing process.

Versatile, individual and trendy

Our assortment of synthetic mats produces a particularly large variety of items. From polyamide to state-of-the-art polyester fibers, from flat-lying clean-off mats to eye-catching designer floor mats with a relief look; The possibilities of these doormats are limitless. We complement the flocked design mats that have been popular for many years with modern, digitally printed mats. In this way we enable you to realize your own designs, free of limitations on colors or sizes. This special color brilliance in combination with high-quality raw materials and modern, ecological production make our synthetic doormats a successful and versatile all-time hit.

Features of our snythetic mats

Our synthetic mats combine many special features from which you as our customer benefit. If you would like to find out more about the material and its properties, please feel free to contact our customer service.

  • Special variety of colors
  • Lots of attractive designs
  • Comfortable surface material
  • Slip-resistant on all surfaces
  • Applications for inside and outside

Maintenance tips for synthetic mats

Even though our synthetic mats are very easy to care for, the different materials require various maintenance. In order to maintain the material properties for a long time and to enjoy your mat for many years, please note our general care instructions as well as the special care labels of the individual products.

General maintenance tips

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