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There for you from the beginning

Managed in third generation now, LAKO has been there for you for over 85 years as a reliable and experienced family company. Prudent growth, intelligent development and courageous commitment have enabled us to successfully shape difficult times and guarantee us a targeted path into the future.

Take a look behind the scenes and experience LAKO trough the ages.


Grandfather Anton Fritz founds the Laupheimer Kokos- und Bastweberei and laid the foundation for our succesful story.


With the intention of the business expension, the location moves from the Kapellenstrasse to its current location on Erwin-Rentschler-Strasse.


The product range of coir and sisal mats is being expanded to include a synthetic mat for the first time and continues to determine product development to this day.


CEO Heinz Braunmiller founds the affiliated company Pfreibetex GmbH & Co. KG in Pfreimd. The company focus on the coating of the company's own product range, which enables faster supply chains and higher production volumes. This achieves a brand growth in the area of car mats.


After a fatal car accident involving the CEO Heinz Braunmiller, Pfreibetex GmbH & Co. KG was dissolved and its resources were integrated into the location in Laupheim. As a result of this tragedy, his son Knut Braunmiller takes over the management.


After several bad coir fiber harvests in India and Sri Lanka, which led to the discontinuation of many German competitors, the decision was made to relocate the production of semi-finished and finished goods entirely to Sri Lanka.


The textile flock process is being established for the first time for doormats and the entire industry. The great market success leads to a tripling of the production facilities over the next two years and enables global, international growth in a short period of time.


Once again as a pioneer with the first fully automatic linking machine in the industry, the location and the family company are experiencing strong growth.


The participation at the 4th Middle East International Motor Show in Dubai finally establishes the company and its car mats in the Asian market.


The first embroidery machine for car mats in Germany is put into operation. The new and numerous possibilities claims the company as innovative and future-oriented.


On February 26th, 2002 the company location fell victim to a devastating fire. Large parts of the production halls and warehouse are destroyed. Fortunately, no one was harmed.
A quick reconstruction phase is achieved through ambitious commitment and a clear vision from employees and management.


The reconstruction after the fire, including the associated expansion of the property area, is completed.


Production is expanded to include a state-of-the-art Kuka robot. As a result, employees are relieved of physical work over the long term and the quality of their workplace is increased.


A modern logistics center with automated high-bay warehouse expands the location and enables massive profits as storage space and faster, logistical response times.
At the same time, production is expanded to include a larger stamping system with fully automatic parts acceptance. This triples the production capacity from now on.


In the course of increasing digitalization, LAKO is opening up new sales channels via online marketplaces and, for the first time, reaching the B2C market proactively.


In the Covid-19 year, face masks are produced in the in-house sewing. LAKO proves itself to be a responsive and innovative company with a strong team trough difficult times.


The previous digitization, graphic redesign and the production and logistics structure culminate in our new website and our own online shop.
The location is growing with a new, modern digital printing system, which enables particularly high-quality individual prints in very small editions.