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Doormats from LAKO

The success story of LAKO rooted in the doormat. Since 1936 it has been our top priority to provide you with high-quality, sustainable and attractive feel-good accessories for your home. The doormat as the first eye-catcher should reflect your personal attitude towards life, your character and style of living. We rely on a large number of materials to make this possible. Natural coir mats, individually printed synthetic mats, comfortable cotton mats or the robust, recycled rubber mats; We offer the right product for every taste.

Experience the world of doormats and give your home a great, first appearance.

Our doormats assortment

Coir mats - particularly resistant and easy-care

Due to the sustainability of the raw material coconut, we continue to stand behind our coir doormats out of conviction. The robust natural fiber is obtained from the outer layer of the coconut and is naturally very resistant. The strong bristles of the mat also ensure an optimal cleaning effect, which is why this doormat has been a popular classic in the home area for years. Thanks to its non-slip backside, the coir mat offers a secure hold.


Synthetic mats - limitless in shape, design and color

Thanks to the variety and individuality of our dust control mats, you benefit from an extensive selection option for every requirement. Our synthetic mats offer high slip resistance, thanks to their flexible back made of rubber or plastic. The surface of the doormat absorbs moisture and dirt well and ensures a clean entrance area. The diverse range of options and individual designs make our dust control mats a popular classic among doormats.


Cotton mats - high quality, washable and extremely absorbent

Our cotton mats are ideal for all indoor and intermediate areas in your home. Thanks to the soft and absorbent cotton fibers, our mats reliably absorb dirt and, above all, moisture. The absorbed water is slowly released back into the environment, fine and coarse dirt particles remain in the mat. The washable doormat can then be easily cleaned in the washing machine and is therefore quickly ready for use again.


Rubber mats - robust and extremely durable 

Rubber mats are versatile in both private and commercial environments. The hard-wearing material makes our mats extremely weather-resistant and durable. They have a structured surface, which promises surefootedness and thus prevents accidents due to wetness and slipperiness. Thanks to the yielding material, our rubber floor mats protect the joints and muscles over long periods of time, which is why they are ideal as ergonomic workplace mats. Due to the slightly higher weight of the mats, they also lie firmly on the floor and do not slip away.

Optimize your product presentation

Use our solutions for your sales area and put our product range of doormats in the best light. In this way, you not only increase attention at the point of sale, but also create a special shopping experience for your customers.  

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Beautiful doormats as a must-have for your home

Especially in bad weather, it is important that your premises are protected from moisture and dirt particles. With our doormats, you keep coarse dirt and moisture outside and do not unintentionally carry it into your home. Our dust control mats are usually made of absorbent material or are provided with small brushes to remove dirt from the shoes. Furthermore, our mats reduce the risk of slipping on smooth floors and offer effective footfall sound insulation.

Floor mats are a great way to create a welcome first impression in the entrance area. Our mats offer you a large selection of models from coir mats, synthetic mats and cotton mats to rubber mats in all imaginable colors and motifs. In addition to the beautiful design for your home, our floor mats are also:

  • Durable and hard-wearing

  • Easy to clean

  • Non-slip on many surfaces

  • Fair and sustainable produced

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