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Sales promotion

The first impression is crucial for the buying decision. Use the best options for product presentation on your sales areas, in your boutique or in your market. Well thought out, tested and proven, our systems are the perfect complement to our assortment of doormats and maximize not only the customer's attention, but also your sales of floor mats. From coir mats to dust control mats, cotton mats or rubber mats, we offer you a variety of self-configurable presentations. Whether for the shop window or the large sales room; Our sales aids are suitable for any point-of-sale.

Attention at the point of sale

Our sales aids are tailored to your individual needs at the point of sale and our varied range of floor mats. Benefit from our diverse systems for hardware stores, boutiques or department stores. Choose the most appealing product for your customer base and configure it according to your requirements in terms of stand space, stand height or range of products. Ensure that your customers are attentive to the maximum at the point of sale and create a special incentive to buy. Make buying a doormat a shopping experience.

Multi presenter

Versatile and functional

Our versatile all-rounder is suitable for every area of application. Thanks to two-sided presentation area, this system can be freely positioned in the room and is therefore very flexible at the point-of-sale. Individual configuration with four or six shelves per side, the multi-presenter accommodate floor mats in formats up to 50 cm × 80 cm. For a clear doormat presentation on a small exhibition area.

Fir tree

Nimble in a small space

Thanks to two-sided equipment and transport rollers, the fir tree can be set up freely and flexibly within your exhibition area, just like its "big brother" the multi-presenter. Ideal for hanging presentations, this stand offers space for up to 40 doormats. With enclosed center piece for mat heights of up to 120 cm.


1 system, 2 sizes, 3 sides

Our particularly attractive and space-saving product presentation for sophisticated stand areas. Thanks to the three-sided equipment, this product stand can be seen from all directions and puts our doormats in the best possible light. In its height-saving variant, the particularly resilient system can be equipped with up to 10 mats on all three sides. Optionally, you can increase the Triangolo with the supplied center piece, for even more product variety, or larger mat formats of up to 180 cm.


Modular and individual

Gain the maximum attention. This highly modular system impresses with its versatile equipment options. Whether hanging or lying presentation, on two or four levels and beyond; With our wallshelf you can create a clear product stand with a wide variety of presentations. Each module with its 125 cm width can be fitted and expanded with shelves and "zigzag" hangers.

Promotion box

Practical basic product

Our promotional boxes are the most effective way to present your mats in an accessible and easy way. Thanks to the functional basic dimensions of 60 × 40 cm, these boxes are ideal for storage, transport and presentation on transport and European pallets in accordance with EN 13698-1. Rolled doormats of up to 120 cm can be placed flexibly at the point of sale while the practical, attached display attracts the customer's attention.

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