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Our promise of quality

Based on our long tradition and our idea of stable value, we place high demands on our resources and products, the know-how of our employees and the qualifications of our suppliers. Quality management is not just an empty slogan for us, it is demanded, communicated and actively lived within the company. That is why we stand up for our consistently high quality every day and are constantly developing further in order to enable you the best products and project solutions.

Our claims

Personal contact persons – Also on-site

We are personally available for our customers and available on site. With the aim of always giving the best, we make your challenges to our own and make the ideal and best individual solutions possible for you. That is what we mean by first-class service.


In internal and external audits, we regularly check our quality with regard to processes, services and products. This enables us to continuously adhere to our quality promise and to meet your quality requirements.

amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI code)

As a family company with social responsibility and a global value chain, we are actively committed to compliance with ethical principles. The fair and safe working conditions and the absolute renunciation of child labor and discrimination are just a few points that are important to us and that we guarantee in all of our supply chains.

Know-how and constant training

Our knowledge and our decades of experience is present throughout the company and can be experienced in every department. Each employee is professionally trained and performs his activities and tasks with the highest, personal as well as professional demands.

Quick response time and agility

Our modern production, flat hierarchy and the seamless cooperation between employees and departments internally as well as with suppliers and partners externally enable us a high degree of agility in the market and particularly fast response times. 

Ecologically high quality

Our products convince not only through their high quality, but also through their ecological manufacturing process. Thanks to natural and recycled raw materials and the use of modern, energy-efficient systems, we actively pursue the path of a sustainable product and ecologically and economical production. Even technically-related material residues are upcycling in new product developments. The conscious handling of our environment is part of our being as a company.


Our products are not only attractive accessories, but always practical and highly functional. That is why we aim to create impressive and lively designs, but also to continuously improve, further develop and reinvent our products, materials and production facilities. So that we are not only at the same level, but always one step ahead.

Certifications and awards

ISO 9001

Our reliable quality assurance is confirmed by the ISO 9001 of TÜV Süd.
Thereby we guarantee consistent value and continuous quality management.


As an "Authorized Economic Operator" we are your particularly reliable and trustworthy partner. We attach great importance to compliance with the applicable customs regulations and high security standards in our company.


As a company with global value chains, it is particularly important to us to help improve working conditions around the world and to adhere to them at every point.

Resource efficiency

The sustainable, careful and efficient handling of our production processes, materials and resources was praised by the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Your contact for quality management

Cornelia Braunmiller
Quality management

Phone: +49 73 92 / 96 78 - 40