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General maintenance tips

General information on cleaning

For general and everyday cleaning of our doormats, we recommend a simple tapping or vacuuming process.
When beat the dust out the floor mats, please ensure that you only knock them on flat, not sharp-edged objects in order to prevent the mat from tearing or damaging. If you clean the mat wet, hang the doormat or stand it upright to ensure good water drainage.

In any case, pay attention to the product-specific care instructions on our articles.


1. Coir mats

Direct sunlight can permanently fade the natural coconut fiber, while waterlogging leads to a softening of the fiber and thus to a lasting reduction in cleaning power. Therefore, we recommend placing our coir mats only in indoor, intermediate or roofed areas to avoid permanent exposure to sunlight and waterlogging. Please do not use water for cleaning. Tapping out is enough to loosen dried dirt from the mat. For stubborn dirt, coconut mats can simply be cleaned with a coarse brush.


2. Synthetic mats

First of all, the cleaning of our synthetic mat depends on the synthetic fibers used on the surface and the coating on the back. You should always pay attention to the product-specific care instructions. Mats which are not explicitly suitable for hand wash or washing machine, you should clean by tapping them carefully or vacuuming them. PVC or rubber edges can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.


3. Cotton mats

In addition to general cleaning by tapping and vacuuming, our cotton mats are machine washable at max. 30 °C. Avoid using aggressive detergents and high-speed spinning cycles. Using dryers can cause damage. So dry our cotton mats by hanging or standing in the air.


4. Rubber mats

Our robust rubber mats are suitable for outdoor use and are therefore easy to clean. Depending on the degree of soiling, you can simply sweep the mat down and remove the dirt underneath. You can also clean the mat with the water hose. Should dirt still stick to the mat, it can be rubbed off with a cloth or brush and a little water. Let the mat dry by hanging or standing in the air.