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The perfect solutions for the presentation of our mats.




Ideal for hangig presentation, this stand allows you to hang up to 40 mats. With enclosed centerpiece fot mat heights up to 120 cm.




Individually configurable for an eye-catching mat display in small space with a stand space of 74 x 105 cm.

Wall shelf


Wall shelf

A well arranged possibility for a wide wall of representation. Every unit of the wall shelf is 125 cm wide and consists of 4 levels to present the products.

More panels can be combinated together in any order.



Triangolo system display, 3 pieces

An attractive and robust display stand for mats on hangers.
The display can be equipped with either 10 mats size 60 x 180 cm per side or 10 mats size 60 x 90 cm in the upper part and 10 mats size 45 x 75 cm in the lower part.

Without the center part you get a short alternative: The total height then is 125 cm and can be filled with 3 x 10 mats size 60 x 90 cm.

Promotion box


Promotion box

Basic size 60 x 40 cm for rolled products 60, 90, 100, 120 cm high
Space saving solution for rolled articles with a display to clip on.



Display box

The perfect presentation box for smaller areas to be used for mats in size 40 x 60 cm.
Display for either 2 x 20 pieces synthetic mats of 2 x 10 pieces coco mats.


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