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Supplier visit in Asia

In times of global trade, it is important for us to maintain close and personal contact with our partners and suppliers worldwide. In this way, we ensure a stable raw material and product quality on an ongoing basis and also have the opportunity to get an idea of the producing upstream suppliers ourselves.

For this purpose, Mr Braunmiller, as managing director of LAKO, personally made a trip to Sri Lanka and India to check and ensure our quality standards on site. In addition to the quality control of our raw materials and products, it is also important for us as German manufacturer and distributor of high-quality floor mats, to ensure that all our compliance guidelines are adhered to in the local companies. 
In addition to checking our suppliers, the focus of this trip was also to talk about product developments and innovations. In this way, we can bring new trends and possibilities to Europe in a timely manner and offer them to you, our customers, in high quality.