Installation of the stacker crane

On Wednesday, 13.06, the time had come and the stacker cranes could finally be installed. Two cranes were needed to get the equipment into the warehouse. One crane was used for stabilization, the other lifted the equipment over the 25 meter high camp. Because the two   24 m high and 7.8 ton HMIs were carried over the roof. These are later responsible for driving between the shelves and bring the corresponding goods fully automatically back from the warehouse.


Schwäbische Zeitung

24 meters of steel float in the new warehouse

LAUPHEIM (aep) - Slowly, the piece of steel floats up and over the roof of the hall, only to slowly disappear into it - bringing the new Lako warehouse, Laupheimer Kokosweberei, closer to completion. These are the automated control elements of the high rack, which could only find their way inside with a large mobile crane. Because they are each made of a 24-meter-long and 7.8-tonne piece of steel and had to be hoisted at least as high on the hall roof. Two cranes were needed for this: the smaller one to stabilize the cargo, the big one to lift. The two controls later move between shelves and load them with up to 5000 pallets. The system should be dismantled at the end of August.


Photo: Axel Pries