Progress of the high-bay warehouse

Last summer the ground-breaking ceremony for the new high-bay warehouse on our premises in Laupheim was held. The construction works are expect to be completed in August 2018.

The building gains more and more attention because it has grown significantly the last few months. The managing director, Knut Braunmiller, confirmed the under construction situated full automatic high-bay warehouse.

The metal skeleton which is created in the commercial area at the city railway station between the Erwin-Rentschler and the Bergmannstraße, is 100 meters long and rises 25 meters high into the sky. Until the outer panneling is finished, which is currently under construction, you can get an interesting insight of the building. The sprinkler system with 5000 sprinkler heads was also installed.
From August, raw materials and finished goods are to be accommodated in the new warehouse. "Due to the automated processes a faster commission is possible" according to the managing director Knut Braunmiller, being pleased to have an expanding enterprise.

© Photo by Barbara Braig, Schwäbische Zeitung