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Doormats for indoor areas

For more than 85 years, LAKO has stood for the production of high quality doormats. We are specialized in the production of mats for indoor and outdoor use. Depending on the floor or ground, different mats and materials are required. You will find the right mat at LAKO.

In addition to the functional aspect such as removing dirt, we also attach great importance to the decorative and attractive appearance of the floor mats, especially indoors. Soft materials as well as attractive and versatile designs of our mats can be found in the interior. Our doormats, whether in subtle solid colors such as anthracite, gray or black or striking patterns, fit into every interior style and ensure a good first impression. If you cannot find a design that suits you, you also have the option of customizing our synthetic mats in terms of color, motif and size. Thanks to the flat installation heights, many of our carpets fit under your door without any problems, which significantly improves the flexibility and the use of the floor mats.

Our doormats for indoor areas achieve their full potential in combination with our mats for outdoor areas. When a robust outdoor mat on the outside holds back the coarse dirt, while the particularly fine clean-off mats on the inside absorb residual moisture and fine dirt. This combination protects your interiors from the outside as well as from the inside, in every season of the year against dirt and moisture.