LAKO Carmats

Good grip - not only for your tyres!



The special cuts of our LAKO Carmats guarantee a perfect fit, which is essential for an adequate and harmonious integration inside your car.
Additionally all carpets are provided with a sewed colour matching textile border or tape border in single or double stitching and various colours!

security systems

Security systems

The professional fixation of the carmat is an important factor for your safety and prevents the carmat from moving. This is why LAKO supplies all carmats with fixation systems fitting to the original fixation points of the different types of vehicles.



LAKO Carmats are available in a wide range of materials and qualities.
All of the backings are equipped with many different anti-slip coatings, the mats are all fire and light resistant and perfectly antistatic.

All carpets are characterized by high material quality and optimum manufacturing, because only a careful choice of materials and a good production control provide a continous and constantly excellent quality.



For your advertisement we offer you to choose beween direct embroidery on the mat or embroidery on a label.

No matter what your choice is, we will do our best for perfect results and our embroidery machines of best available technology will guarantee a stable quality.
We will be pleased to realize your ideas!



For special requirements regarding the adequate representation of your company logo (e.g. a high quality engraved metal bracket or a dead-mould casting made of metal or plastic) we can offer you a range of samples.

We will be pleased to realize your ideas!


Individual & innovative

Your clients wish for special colours, materials or special elaboration? Please contact one of our advisers, who will offer you the perfect solution for your requirements.
In the field of technical innovations, LAKO is always one step ahead.

We develop new products steadily to suit the needs of specific application.

sales promotion

Sales promotion

We´ll do anything to keep you and your clients well-informed!
Therefor we provide a comprehensive package of product support:

- In-house trainings and factory tours for you and your staff
- Reasonable sales assistance products e.g. mini-mats of our different products & qualities

And of course you can contact us and get as much information from our perfectly trained advisors as you need or we could send you some of our brochures to make your sales much easier.


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