Maintenance tips

General information on cleaning

How to clean the door mats depends on the mat itself and what materials they consist of.

For regular cleaning of all mats, we recommend beating the dust out of the mat or vacuuming it with a vacuum cleaner.
Please tap the doormats only on flat objects to prevent them from tearing or damaging. For drying the door mat, please put it upright, that the water can drain better.

Coir mats

Coir is a natural product, this is why we recommend placing our coir mats only in covered outdoor areas. Permanent sun and moisture should be avoided. Colours can fade due to the natural fibres. Also, water should not be used for cleaning, as this softens the fibers and makes the mat unusable. A knocking out is enough to remove the dried dirt from the mat. For rough dirt coir mats can additionally be cleaned with a brush.

Synthetic mats

Cleaning the synthetic mat depends on the used synthetic fibers as well as on the back coating. Most of the synthetic mats are not suitable for the washing machine. Therefore, we recommend cleaning the mat by gently knocking or vacuuming as detailed above. The PVC or rubber edge is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Some synthetic mats can be cleaned differently due to special material composition or are suitable for washing machines. These are marked separately.




Machine washable at 30 °C, do not tumble dry.


Machine washable at 30 ° C, do not tumble dry, lay flat to dry.


This mat is suitable for hand washing, but can also be sprayed with a garden hose.


This mat is only suitable for hand washing.

Cotton mats

In addition to cleaning by knocking and vacuuming, cotton mats are washable at max. 30 ° C and gentle detergent in the washing machine. Avoid tumbling or drying in the dryer.

Rubber mats

Our robust rubber mats are suitable for outdoor use and therefore easy to clean. Depending on the degree of soiling, simply sweep the mat off and remove the dirt underneath. You can also clean the mat with the water hose.

Nevertheless, if dirt sticks to the mat, it can be rubbed off with a cloth or a brush and a little soapy water. 

To dry, drain the mat upright.


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